Just saying the word makes you feel a little queezy, doesn't it? Well, although many people still experience nausea, fortunately today there are many drugs to help manage it. Zofran and Compazine being just two of them. Although it doesn't help the psychosomatic feeling of nausea when you drive by the doctors office, smell an alcohol pad to sterilize your skin, or smell food you had eaten in the past just before a huge vomiting bout. But, it does help.

Nausea can be caused by the chemo drugs releasing certain chemicals in your body that stimulate those feelings, stomach ulcers, constipation, the use of other drugs, and other contributing factors. Be sure to tell your doctor or nurse if you vomit for more than a day or can't keep liquids down.

Some tips to help with the nausea and vomiting:
  • Drink liquids at least an hour before mealtime instead of with your meals. Drink frequently and in small amounts. Drink even flat Sprite or ginger ale if water nauseates you. Juice pops are another way to get liquids without actually drinking.
  • Eat smaller portions more often. By eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day it will prevent you from eating too much and getting too full quickly.
  • Eat bland foods that don't have strong smells. For example, potatoes, ice cream, crackers. And chew your food well for easier digestion.
  • Open windows and get fresh air. Sometimes putting a cold rag on your forehead or behind your neck helps.
  • Suck on minds or tart candies.
  • Prepare meals in advance and freeze them for times you don't feel like cooking.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly when you are nauseated.
  • Distract yourself by chatting with friends and family members, listening to music, or watching a movie or t.v. show.
  • Use relaxation techniques.
  • Avoid strong odors that bother you (like perfume, smoke, etc.).
  • Avoid fried or fatty foods.
  • Avoid eating at least a few hours before treatment if nausea usually occurs during chemotherapy.
  • Rest but don't lie flat for at least 2 hours after you've finished your meal.

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