My Wife, Marianne

How do you sum up a personís life in a few paragraphs? Obviously, you canít. But there are some ways to define it. One way is to look how others responded to it.

My wife and I had five children and seven grandchildren. We also had numerous relatives and friends. Our house was open 24 hours a day. My wife Marianne was a person who people of all ages loved to be around. Everyone would drop in at all different times to talk or play cards or maybe just hangout. They always knew they would get a cup of coffee, a cold drink, or a meal. Our kids would laugh because they never knew who would be there for dinner. But, the greatest thing about her was her strength.

Eight years ago we lost our youngest child in a baseball accident of all things. My wife anguished over this so much, yet she had such a deep faith that her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had to have a reason to let this tragedy happen. So when she was diagnosed with lung cancer, as devastating as that was, we were not that surprised to see her so courageously fighting it. She seemed to be consoling us all, even her doctors. And even with all of her pain and suffering, she had a peace about her and she would tell me that she would be alright.

Itís been ten months since God called her home, and I too believe there had to be a reason. We are all put on Earth with a mission. Some people complete their mission sooner than others. I just want to thank God for allowing me to share forty-one years of my life with a person whose life touched so many others, and I also would like to thank him for giving me enough faith to know where she and my son are and to fully expect to see them both again!

Thank you Mary for allowing me to say a few things about my wife, and God Bless you and Peter always.

Story By: John Rizzuto

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