Jeanne's Story

In the fall of 2000, my mother-in-law, then age 67, Jeanne, was having terrible chest pains and was brought into the ER.  A tumor the size of a tennis ball was found in her chest. The doctors asked her to get her affairs in order and was given 6 months to live. 

She started seeing an oncologist who tried mixing a few chemo's together to see what it would do.  To all of our amazement, in the spring of 2001 her tumor shrunk down very small and the surgeon who wouldn't do surgery before because he said it was pointless due to the size and severity of it, now decided he could remove half her lung.  The biopsy came back as a dead tumor of what was left after treatment.

Almost 5 years later, the cancer returned but with more treaetments it is now a year and a half later again and she is still here!

If we would have given up hope in 2000, Jeanne wouldn't be here today.  It's been a long fight, but she is worth every minute of that fight.  She is still with us today and we continue to pray and support her through all of the ups and downs that this nasty disease puts upon us.  The alternative has NEVER been an option.

Story by: Dana Grenlin

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