Antonette's "Story of Hope"

There is a place deep inside of me that hold all of my emotions.

I sit and reflect on things that have taken place in my life. I wonder where does the strength come from and how is it I can manage to bear whatever life challanges are dealt to me. I know it is a simple thing called hope. With hope on my side I manage to move to the next plateau.

I have been faced with many challenges, the biggest of all came on June 6, 1995 when the doctor told me I had Breast Cancer. My first reaction was that my life is over and there is nothing I can do about it. My mind was racing trying to process all that was being said.

I also knew my next step was to tell my daughter Jennifer, she stood and listened and then simply stated ok they will cut out the cancer and everything will be alright. At first I was puzzled but I knew she was frightened. I also knew my beautiful daughter was telling me in an indirect way there is hope and we will fight.

I knew she was right, as there were many things in my life that needed to be done and at the head of the list was to be right here for my daughter.

My husband passed away when Jennifer was five, I would not allow her to be without a mother also. This was when I made the decision that this horrible disease would not win. I went through the extensive surgery and chemo treatments knowing all would be well.

I gained the will and strength to go on from a little thing called hope, better known as Jennifer. She has been my strength. I thank God for my precious daughter and her support.

It is now eight years since I was diagnosed and am cancer free. Never give up Hope.

Story By: Antonette C.

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